Friday, August 26, 2011

Page 1- a rolling pin, and a hammock.

The first page was, a rolling pin and a hammock, so without further adieu, here it is.

So first, why not just draw a 'rolling pin' or 'hammock'? Well, while it's perfectly fine if you want to just focus on the one thing it actually wants you to draw, I think it's fun to take that one item and just build off of it. 
It's a great starting place and if you let your imagination flow, you can get some really neat-o drawings. (Though sometimes my imagination doesn't want to flow, as you'll see in my next post.)

OK, so first I'll talk about the first sketch, what kind of inspired the 'tough baker girl' if you will, was a character from a movie called 'Stranger Than Fiction'. The characters name is Ana Pascal, not only do I love her character, I thought it worked perfectly for 'a rolling pin'. So if you haven't watched that movie, you should definitely get on that!

Onto sketch number 2, to be honest, I don't really know where this idea came from...

One last thing, I scanned the drawing onto the computer, and it looked really bad, so my brother had to take it into photo shop to darken up the lines and what not. Bottom line it was way to much work. So either A, I scan them, and take forever to make it look decent. Or B, I just take a photo of the sketch and post that. It would not be as good of quality, but probably allot easier. 
We shall see.  


  1. i like the hammock in the tree. that's pretty awesome

  2. Thanks! I need to update on here soon..

  3. Your picture of the hammock is really inspiring! Its so high up in the trees, like without a care in the world
    1 Love it! :)